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Dearborn Fire 2012 Numbers
May 07, 2013
Dearborn Fire ran 11,041 calls in 2012.  Each incident receives one number regardless of how many apparatus are dispatched to a call or how many patients there are per call. Thank you to all of the Residents of Dearborn for your continued support.  We look forward to another great year servicing the residents of Dearborn and anyone who passes through.
2012 Elections
Nov 07, 2012

Vote YES on Proposal 2 to protect our jobs and working families.

Dearborn Firefighters IAFF Local 412 Endorsements

  • Supreme Court
    • Bridget Mary McCormack
    • Judge Connie Marie Kelley
    • Judge Shelia Johnson
  • State Representative
    • George Darany
  • District Court
    • Richard Wygonik
  • Dearborn Public School’s Board of Education
    • Mary Petlichkoff

Vote YES on Proposal 2!
Nov 07, 2012

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology found that the size of a firefighting crew affects how quickly firefighters could complete 22 essential firefighting tasks. Four-person teams were 30 percent faster than two-person crews and 25 percent faster than three-person crews.

Someone should have shared this report with elected officials because they are forcing dangerous cuts to firefighting crews across the state. From Detroit to Hamtramck to Taylor, mass layoffs have been issued.

Local communities are losing firefighters because politicians in Lansing keep handing out tax breaks to corporate special interests. Proposal 2 to protect collective bargaining will make it more difficult for corporate special interests to pressure Lansing politicians to do their bidding.

Collective bargaining gives working families a voice to negotiate for fair wages, benefits and safer working conditions that are good for us all. It gives firefighters a voice to negotiate for life-saving equipment, appropriate staffing levels and time to complete ongoing training.

Corporate special interests know this and have pledged to do whatever it takes to eliminate collective bargaining rights. Voting yes on Proposal 2 on Nov. 6 will show these interests that working families will fight to have a voice in the workplace.
Thank You for your continued support!

Dearborn, Michigan: A fire department that changes your survival odds
May 07, 2013

Dearborn Fire Department
May 07, 2013

This is just a look into the world of the Dearborn Fire Department. We will give you a glimpse into the best in class services we provide to the residents of Dearborn and a way for us to say thank you for your continuous support

Chicago Tribune Article
Jan 26, 2011

City workers deserving of 'lavish' pensions


Support the American Worker!!!
Oct 18, 2010

Charles Kernaghan addresses the 2010 IAFF Convention regarding the battle between the costs/standard of living of the United States verses China.


Hearing and Vote Postponed!!!
Jun 15, 2010
Hearing and Vote Postponed!!!
Updated On: Jun 02, 2010 (10:29:00)
Thanks to your efforts, the vote on HB 4917 that was scheduled for Wednesday, May 19th has been postponed!!  Thank-you to everyone that called or sent emails.  Please continue to contact Representative Lindberg and Speaker Dillon to voice your opposition to HB 4917 and urge them not to bring the bill out of committee. Although this bill is the Detroit Pension Board issue, the ramifications of the legislation go much further than just Detroit. 

We are opposed to this bill because it opens PERA and creates another restriction on collective bargaining rights. 

Here is a link to the analysis of the bill. The MPFFU is opposed to opening PERA to make this change. It is something that should remain subject to collective bargaining. 

Speaker of the House Andy Dillion: 
andydillon@house.mi.gov 517-373-0857 

Representative Steven Lindberg: 
stevenlindberg@house.mi.gov 517-373-0498 

Larry Chapman has passed away
Apr 27, 2010
He passed away April 18th at 0615 and was preceded by his wife at 0530, both of lung cancer. Larry was one day from his sixty seventh birthday. Larry was a member of the Dearborn Fire Department from June 1967 to June 1992. There will be a memorial service on April twentieth in Clearwater Florida. There will be a local service in the near future. Please check back for information as it becomes available.
The Passing of Retired BC Vince Bondy
Apr 27, 2010
BONDY, VINCENT C. died peacefully on April 10, 2010 at the age of 89 years.  He retired as Battalion Chief for the City of Dearborn Fire Department in June of 1985. Vince felt serving his community as a firefighter to be an honor and a privilege; he considered himself fortunate to be associated with the brave men who served with him
BREAKING NEWS! Hufnagel Wins 8th District VP Race
Apr 27, 2010
The Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union is proud to announce that President Paul Hufnagel has been elected to the position of IAFF Eighth District Vice President.

Paul defeated former Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois President, David Foreman, by a vote of 21,483.5 to 13,515.5.

Paul was sworn into office by IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger immediately after the ballots were counted.

Paul will serve for the remaining 29 months of a four year term that will end in August 2012. In this new position, Paul will be representing and assisting the IAFF locals in the states of Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

As required by the MPFFU Constitution and By-laws, Paul will be resigning from his position as President of the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union.

MPFFU Secretary-Treasurer Terrence Chesney, with the assistance of the members of the MPFFU Executive Board, will assume the duties and responsibilities of the President until a new MPFFU President is elected at the upcoming convention in May.

Please join us in congratulating Paul as we wish him continued success in his new position.

State of Michigan GOP is making an effort to put govt employees pay & benefits on the ballot
Jan 28, 2010
Brothers and Sisters,
The State of Michigan GOP (Republican party) wants to put cuts on the ballot that will effect all public employees... which includes Police and Fire. They are proposing a 5% pay cut across the board, a three year pay freeze, and all public employees to pay 20% of their health care benefits.
We need to be united more than ever in these times. I encourage all of you to call/contact your representatives asap and let them know we will not stand for this. You can find who your reps are on the Dearborn Firefighter's webpage (www.dearbornff.org): on the right side under links, click on the link "IAFF link to find your local representatives". We need to make our voice heard now more than ever.
Joey Thorington
Vice President
Dearborn Firefighters
IAFF Local 412

American Made
Apr 19, 2009
With the elections behind us, a new President in office and the ballots recounted in Minnesota, voting seems a distant obligation. If, however, voting represents our personal choices, beliefs and preferences, then we vote everyday
The Burn Drive will be hosting its 3rd Annual Bowling Fundraiser on Friday April 3, 2009.
Jan 18, 2009
The Burn Drive will be hosting its 3rd Annual Bowling Fundraiser on Friday April 3, 2009. Units 1 & 2 are off. For more information please see attached flyer. Hope to see you all there.
3rd Annual Bowling Fundraiser.jpg (1).pdf

Fight back against the Alabama Senator
Jan 03, 2009

This is a real interesting link. Alabama Senator Shelby is a huge opponent against the "Big Three" getting their bridge loans. See some facts and contact this guy to let him know how he is affecting America.  The link is http://www.boycottalabamanow.com/

Joey Thorington


Santa @ Fire House pictures
Jan 18, 2009

   We’re sorry for the delay in getting these pictures on the web. Go to http://profile.imageshack.us/user/dfdburndrive/images

   You can use the “My Tags to sort the list down to the Friday or Saturday pictures.

   Unfortunately, we had not planned on having to do this. The two printers failed at a critical time and we were just too far behind when we fixed the problem. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

    This years Santa was a huge success and we thank everyone for supporting the DFD Burn Drive. Every cent we receive goes directly to help people in need. Some of our more recognizable charities are the U of M Burn Center, Children’s Hospital of Detroit, Detroit Receiving, Oakwood Hospital, Ronald McDonald House in Detroit and Penrickton Center for blind children in Taylor. These are just a few of the things we do. We often support local children and their families in times of need. You dollars are always appreciated as we continue to grow our organization.


    If you experience any difficulties with the pictures please contact me; Bruce Hamilton at bhamilton143@gmail.com.

A Bi-Partisan Election Triumph for IAFF Members
Nov 16, 2008
Americans made history November 4 by electing Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the IAFF-endorsed candidates, as the next president and vice president of the United States. _ _ It's an historic day in this country, and our entire union should be proud of what we
New Member Orientation Class
Nov 16, 2008
New Member Orientation Class offered to our members at no charge to our local.  It is a good, informative class for anyone who would like information on unions and why they are SO important to our jobs.

Harper Woods Fire Battling PSO
Oct 26, 2008

Harper Woods Fire Department is battling PSO.  Their own Deputy Police Chief  (James Burke ) with the support of his police officers, have agreed to take fire training at the cost of the fire fighters... at the cost of their citizens.  I have attached the flyer that the Harper Woods Fire Fighters are handing out to their citizens.

Joey Thorington

L412 VP

Harper Woods.pdf

MPFFU License Plates
Oct 26, 2008

The branch offices of the Secretary of State will soon be implementing new requirements for individuals to receive the MPFFU License Plate.  You will have to provide proof of membership by showing either your IAFF membership card or a letter from the MPFFU verifying that you are a member.  Please call 800-886-7338 for more information.

You can also contact the MPFFU office if you are aware of a non-MPFFU member displaying the MPFFU License plate.  Please provide the plate number and the reason you believe the person is a non-member.  The SOS office will send a letter to the individual giving him/her thirty days to return the plate.

Kurek, Cops, Fabris, Cuba and Red Wings
Oct 26, 2008

Nation marks 7th anniversary of terror attacks
Sep 18, 2008
The nation paused Thursday to mark the seventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks with a heartfelt ceremony at ground zero and other solemn remembrances around the country. Relatives of victims killed at the World Trade Center gathered at ground zero in lower Manhattan for readings from dignitaries and a recitation of the names of the dead
IAFF Raises Record $27,530,000 for MDA
Oct 26, 2008
IAFF Raises Record $27,530,000 for MDA September 2, 2008 – The IAFF maintains its spot as the largest national sponsor of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) after raising a record-shattering $27,530,000 for the MDA 43rd annual Labor Day Telethon. The event, held at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, raised a total of $65 million
Thank you for another successful Homecoming
Aug 13, 2008

Michigan Labor Unites and Flexes Its Muscle Against Right to Work for Less
Apr 07, 2008
Michigan Labor Unites and Flexes Its Muscle Against Right to Work for Less Over 3,500 union activists monitored Michigan’s presidential primary polls to warn voters against a potential Right to Work petition drive on January 15th. Sensing the impending union onslaught, the Right to Work forces failed to show up
Union Membership Increased in 2007
Mar 27, 2008
Union Membership Increased in 2007, According to Government Stats (Lansing, MI) "Today's numbers show working people are pushing to form and join unions in order to improve their lives, despite record levels of resistance from employers," AFL-CIO President John Sweeney said
Governor Granholm Signs Executive Order on Misclassification
Mar 08, 2008
Governor Granholm Signs Executive Order on Misclassification Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm today issued an Executive Order to stop employers from illegally classifying its workforce as independent contractors. Granholm's action will increase oversight over employers to assure that properly classified employees rights and benefits are protected
Wal-Mart's Imports Lead to U.S. Jobs Exports
Feb 07, 2008
Wal-Mart's Imports Lead to U.S. Jobs Exports Home > Corporate Watch > Paying the Price at Wal-Mart Those low-cost goods at Wal-Mart ultimately come at a high price: lost jobs, lower wages and unsupportable U.S. trade deficits
Voters Support Pontiac Fire
Feb 02, 2008

Pontiac had three Public Safety issues on their ballot.  The results are below.

• Repeal minimum staffing requirement at fire stations: Lost 68.3%-31.7%

Reallocate 2 mills of property taxes from firefighters' salaries and benefits: Lost 62.4%-37.6%

• One-mill, 10-year increase for police protection: Lost 50.3%-49.7%

Right to Work State - Michigan?!?!
Mar 31, 2008
Anti-Right to Work Campaign from Michigan State AFL-CIO   Right to Work—For Less   Right-to-Work laws inhibit the right to organize.   Right-to-Work laws do not guarantee any rights. Right-to-Work statutes prohibit employers and unions from voluntarily negotiating a union security agreement
Cancer Presumption Bill Passes in the House
Jan 17, 2008
Cancer Presumption Bill Passes in the House Click here to view the complete record in the House Journal. You will see who voted for and against the bill, the vote for immediate effect, and comments from several members of the House explaining why they voted no
Anti-Labor Senators Derail Fire Fighter Bargaining Bill
Jan 17, 2008
December 14, 2007 -- With the Senate on the verge of passing the IAFF’s national collective bargaining bill, a small group of hard-line anti-labor senators engaged in a series of parliamentary tactics late last night to block the Senate from acting
Trouble viewing furlough from home?
Dec 03, 2007

If you are having trouble viewing the furlough from home, you may not have excel.  Download the free excel viewer from Microsoft and it should solve your problems.  The link is below.


Joey Thorington

VP L412

More than just a sticker
Dec 20, 2007
Jim McCulloh (Birmingham Local 911) wrote an article in the last MPFFU regarding the use of our IAFF sticker.  He made a few valid points.  The IAFF stickers are for those who "directly benefit" from you working this job as a professional firefighter.  The sticker is a symbol of our great trade union with over 280,000 members and almost 90 years of fighting for safer working conditions and fair compensation for the job.  While it maybe inconvenient to remove a sticker from an auto that you are selling or your brother-in-law may be a great guy; they are most likely not a direct beneficiary of you working this job and your contribution to our union.  We get a few perks with that sticker, please display it carefully.
MPFFU scholarship program for your dependants
Dec 14, 2007
Click on the link below for scholarship information.  http://www.mpffu.org/index.cfm?zone=/unionactive/view_article
Professional Firefighter License Plates
Nov 28, 2007
If you notice a person that is not a professional firefighter or a member of the MPFFU with an IAFF plate on their vehicle, it needs to be removed.  Thanks to our MPFFU Secretary-Treasure, Terrence Chesney, it can be easily done.  Simply email Chesney the license plate number at tchesney@mpffu.org
Station Air Quality Issues
Dec 24, 2007
All mold and asbestos has been removed from station 3 and the mold from station 1.  We would llike to thank the Department and DC Creech for their cooperation with the union and continued effort to resolve the issue.
DC Creech has informed us that the mold abatement at station one watch desk is scheduled for Thursday December 6. The watch desk area will be available for limited use.
DC Creech has informed us that Fire Station 3 asbestos and mold removal is complete.  The air quality is in the process of being retested.  The Station One watch room cleaning is scheduled to be done next.
DC Creech has informed us that the station 3 cleaning is moving along.  The locker room and apparatus floor mold issues have been cleaned.  They are in the process on removing the asbestos and mold from the basement.  Once that is complete, the station will be retested again for air quality.  Sec Murray is working with the City to keep things moving along.  It has been going as well as we could have hoped for at this point.  Hopefully, station 3 will be back in normal operation soon.
Joey Thorington
L412 VP
Press and Guide Article regarding station 3
As most of you know the union has been involved in every step of this process so far. Joe Williams has sent several emails describing the latest news on the issue. Joe Williams and Joey Thorington have been paying careful attention to the inspections and results and providing us all with the information. You all know as much as we do. I know the concerns some have especially those assigned to station 3.

Everything is being done that needs to be done. We have complete confidence in the companies working on the problems. They gave us the recommendations and all of them are being followed. There has been zero resistance from the city to get the hazards corrected and their actions have been swift.

            The problem at 3’s is that the asbestos must be mitigated before the mold can be in the crawl space. The area has been sealed off for occupant protection. The city must develop specs to contract the work. They are working as fast as they can. The threat to occupants was identified in this area of the station. No other immediate threat to life areas were reported. Professionals will be hired to do all of the recommended cleaning and mitigation. The companies were asked if the buildings should be shut down until the problem can be resolved and the answers were “no”. We need to allow the city the time to correct the problem.

The union will continue to monitor the progress as we already have. I do not believe we would see the actions being taken now had we not stayed on top of this issue. I know this is an inconvenience but please be patient.

            At this time the union does not believe it would be prudent to hire our own testing to be done. The results already received are trustworthy and we would likely have to hire the same contractors to do it anyway. If at any time we feel the need to, we will revisit this alternative. The city will likely expend over $120,000 on this issue before it is done. When this is complete we will all be in a healthier and safer environment than most of us have been in throughout our careers.

 Any concerns or questions are welcome.

 Bruce Hamilton

MDA Fill the Boot
Sep 05, 2008
Thank You again to all those who participated in this years fill the boot.  It was another productive year with all of your support. 

Cuts in state revenue sharing squeeze local services
May 18, 2008
In the 6 1/2 years since the 9/11 attacks, Michigan communities have lost 1,800 police officers and 2,400 firefighters for lack of money to pay them. Wouldn't you think we'd be adding security
Sep 19, 2010
Retired Fire Fighter Dave Wood has information for any retirees who are interested in getting more information on our new Statewide Retiree Association: 

The Michigan Association of Retired Public Employees (MARPE) has scheduled a General Membership Meeting  at the F.O.P. Hall located at 28515 Beck Rd, Suite 114, Wixom, MI 48393 - (North of I-96).  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.  

Membership in the Association is open to any public employee who has officially retired from government employment in the State of Michigan.



Bail out the BIG THREE... they did us post 911...
Jun 15, 2009
The Country should bail out the BIG THREE AUTO...  They bailed out the Country post 911.See below for Ford, Chrysler and GM's contributions after 9/11 and then the foreign vehicle company's lack of contributions.CNN Headline News did a short news listing regarding Ford and GM's contributions to the relief and recovery efforts in New York and Washington
TAYLOR Firefighters seek minimum staffing limits
May 04, 2008
'No more layoffs'Firefighters seek minimum staffing limitsBy Anne Sullivan, The News-HeraldTAYLOR — Firefighters from across the state donned a different uniform Friday. They were wearing T-shirts that read "Bring Back Our Firefighters" and carrying signs that read "Support your Taylor Firefighters" and "No more layoffs
Landmark Study from the NIST
Apr 18, 2011
Landmark Residential Fire Study Shows How Crew Sizes and Arrival Times Influence Saving Lives and Property For Immediate Release: April 28, 2010 Contact: Evelyn Brown 301-975-5661 WASHINGTON D.C.--A landmark study issued today by the U.S
The Senate on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a collective bargaining bill
Jul 31, 2008
Senate: Let first responders unionize By JESSE J. HOLLAND – WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would give police officers, firefighters and other first responders the right to unionize but take away their ability to go on strike. The 69-29 procedural vote proved the measure would survive any possible filibuster attempt
Jul 31, 2008
Friday, June 13, 2008 (PAI)AFL-CIO TO SENATE: DON’T UNDERMINE HEALTH CARE             WASHINGTON (PAI)--Efforts to reform the nation’s health care system should make it universal, comprehensive and affordable without undermining the better aspects of the present employer-based health care system, the AFL-CIO says
Population Figures from SEMCOG
Jul 31, 2008


Newest SEMCOG Numbers show an  increase in Dearborn population of approximately 3,000 people as of last month.

Population and Households Census
Mar 2008
Total Population 97,775 100,834 3,059 93,073
    Group Quarters Population 401 401 0 451
    Household Population 97,374 100,433 3,059 92,622
Housing Units 38,981 39,198 217 -
Households (Occupied Housing Units) 36,770 36,102 -668 37,438
Residential Vacancy Rate 5.7% 7.9% 2.2% -
Average Household Size 2.65 2.78 0.13 2.47

           Annual Average
Components of Population Change Census
Natural Increase (Births - Deaths) 728 984
    Births 1,649 1,893
    Deaths 921 909
Net Migration (Movement In - Movement Out) 121 -541
Population Change (Natural Increase + Net Migration) 849 443

Source: Michigan Department of Community Health
Vital Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau, and SEMCOG.

ALLEN PARK has officially pulled out of any further talks on consolidating fire services with four other Downriver communities
May 04, 2008
By Rene Cizio, The News-Herald PUBLISHED: March 30, 2008 ALLEN PARK — The city has officially pulled out of any further talks on consolidating fire services with four other Downriver communities Rumors that the consolidation proposal was fading have surfaced in recent months

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