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  Governor Granholm Signs Executive Order on Misclassification
  Union Membership Increased in 2007
  Voters Support Pontiac Fire
  Wal-Mart's Imports Lead to U.S. Jobs Exports
  Michigan Labor Unites and Flexes Its Muscle Against Right to Work for Less
  Anti-Labor Senators Derail Fire Fighter Bargaining Bill
  Cancer Presumption Bill Passes in the House
  Right to Work State - Michigan?!?!
  IAFF Raises Record $27,530,000 for MDA
  Thank you for another successful Homecoming
  Nation marks 7th anniversary of terror attacks
  Kurek, Cops, Fabris, Cuba and Red Wings
  Santa @ Fire House pictures
  Fight back against the Alabama Senator
  New Member Orientation Class
  A Bi-Partisan Election Triumph for IAFF Members
  The Burn Drive will be hosting its 3rd Annual Bowling Fundraiser on Friday April 3, 2009.
  MPFFU License Plates
  Harper Woods Fire Battling PSO
  BREAKING NEWS! Hufnagel Wins 8th District VP Race
  American Made
  State of Michigan GOP is making an effort to put govt employees pay & benefits on the ballot
  Station Air Quality Issues
  Professional Firefighter License Plates
  Hearing and Vote Postponed!!!
  Larry Chapman has passed away
  Support the American Worker!!!
  The Passing of Retired BC Vince Bondy
  Chicago Tribune Article
  Dearborn, Michigan: A fire department that changes your survival odds
  Dearborn Fire Department
  Dearborn Fire 2012 Numbers
  2012 Elections
  Vote YES on Proposal 2!
  MDA Fill the Boot
  Cuts in state revenue sharing squeeze local services
  TAYLOR Firefighters seek minimum staffing limits
  Bail out the BIG THREE... they did us post 911...
  Landmark Study from the NIST
  The Senate on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a collective bargaining bill
  ALLEN PARK has officially pulled out of any further talks on consolidating fire services with four other Downriver communities
  Population Figures from SEMCOG
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